Portable Wind Machines

Portable Wind Machines

Frost protection and evaporative cooling


Tow and Blow portable wind machines provide effective frost and heat protection to all forms of horticulture—from tree fruits, berries and wine grapes to nuts, vegetables and flowers.


Unique design and smart engineering enable the machines to achieve the same area of protection as traditional wind machines (10 acres or more) using only 1.5 gallons of fuel an hour. This high-performance is achieved through features including a shrouded impeller that prevents energy from being lost off the tips of the blades, straightening veins that take swirl out of the air so it travels farther, and engine placement on top of the boom that delivers energy directly to the impeller


Unlike any other wind machine, the Tow and Blow units can be set to oscillate at any degree or angle to provide protection for a wide range of conditions, topographies and property shapes. This also allows the machines to be set and positioned to work with the natural air drift, further increasing efficiency and coverage ability.


Because the machines are portable, they can be moved and used to protect differrent crops or blocks with staggered bloom times, significantly increasing growers' return on investment. A misting feature for evaporative cooling can also be used to cool plants and reduce heat stress, sunburn or splitting.

Innovative design and smart engineering bring frost and heat protection into a new realm of flexability, sustainability and affordability.