NEW Model Released: The World's Most Efficient and Quietest Wind Machine Just Got a Whole Lot Be

New features enhance the performance of the Tow and Blow portable wind machines for growers who want to protect their plants and crops from freezing temperatures, frost and even heat damage. Used on all kinds of horticulture, Tow and Blow machines continue to be refined, now with the following improvements:

  • Machines are now galvanized for greater durability.

  • Propane units are now available with universal connections that can connect to any size propane tank.

  • A new aerodynamically designed composite shroud design increases airflow over the already high-performing fan (protecting up to 10 acres at time from frost and 3 acres from heat).

  • The lower engine (which drove the hydraulic and rotation functions) is replaced with more efficient DC power packs.

  • The battery powering the DC power packs is charged when the fan is running and a solar panel provides backup power when the fan is not in use.


  • There is now an automatic choke and throttle.

  • Due to market demand, all new machines come with a Carel Auto Start feature that can be set to automatically start the fan at specified temperatures.

  • Due to market demand, all new machines come with misters for evaporative cooling.

  • The fuel tanks (for petroleum) are now made of Polymer (instead of steel) which is translucent and allows the fuel level to be seen from the ground.

  • Cosmetic improvements to the engine and control boxes.

The Tow and Blow’s innovative design and smart engineering bring frost and heat protection into a new ream of flexibility, sustainability and affordability. The portable, adjustable fan can be moved and set to protect specific areas where needed. The ability to oscillate at any degree allows the machines to utilize Mother Nature’s strength and work with it, rather than against it. Likewise, machines can also be synchronized to work with each other instead of blowing at each other.

The machines only use 1.5 gallons of fuel per hour (compared to a traditional machine’s 8-9 gallons per hour) and meet all US emissions standards. With a small standard Honda engine, owners are usually able to do all the service themselves or for very minimal cost and all parts are standard and available worldwide.

At 5.5 feet wide Tow and Blow machines can easily fit between vineyard or orchard rows without interfering with irrigation devices or posts. And machines can be moved and put away when not in use.

Manufactured and first sold in New Zealand to Kiwi fruit, apple and avocado growers, Tow and Blow machines are now exported world-wide. Distributed in the US by Chamberlin Agriculture, 2015 models are being pre-sold to ensure availability for the upcoming frost season. More information can be found at:

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